How does it work?

The solar panels are made from photovoltaic cells coated in a thin layer of silicon, which, when light hits them, creates an electric field, which is then converted to electricity. The brighter the light, the more electricity is produced, but as they only work in daylight, will still generate electricity even on cloudy days.

Man during intallation of alternative energy photovoltaic solar panels on roof
The best results are gained from roofs facing South with angles between 35 and 45 degrees, but don’t worry if you’re roof doesn’t meet this, as we have the experience to make even the most awkward locations work with a solar installation. The current generated from the panels flows through to the invertor, installed in your loft, which in turn is linked to your domestic energy supply.

  • Free electricity to power your home
  • Income potential from the UK government feed in tariff (depending on finance/funding scheme)
  • An improved EPC (energy performance certificate) rating on your property.

Example of solar returns on a 4kw paid for system assuming system cost £6944.91*

Year 1
  • Income from feed in tariff @12.92p/kwh
  • Income from exporting energy @ 4.85p/kwh
  • Electricity saving
  • Total benefit
  • Payback time on initial investment
  • Total profit over 20 years
  • £439.15
  • £82.43
  • £229.77
  • £751.34
  • 8y 1m
  • £14,698.77

(*System prices will vary dependant on individual property requirements)

There are several schemes available to support a solar PV install on your property, depending on whether you wish to pay for the installation, and receive reduced electricity costs, and a revenue from the electricity created, or whether you wish to pay nothing, and benefit solely from discounted electricity costs. We will be able to discuss all options with you, during your survey.

How do I arrange a survey to discuss a solar PV installation on my property?

Please contact us on our freefone number 08009880058 and we will arrange a free survey for you.

How much will a solar PV install cost on my property?

In order to be able to give you a full quotation, including energy cost savings, we will survey your property at an agreed time, to capture full property information.

Will I need planning permission for my solar PV system?

You don’t usually need planning permission for most home solar technology systems, but if your property is listed, in a heritage site or conservation area, you should always seek planning consent.

Is there a warranty with my solar PV system?

Full warranty information will be made available at the point of survey- this includes labour and equipment.

Do solar panels need cleaning and servicing?

Usually the rain keeps the panels clean and as there are no moving parts on the panels, they do not require servicing.

How does the surplus electricity generated by a solar PV system return to the national grid?

We complete all of the documentation on your behalf, including advising your local district network office (DNO) and ensure that all installations have been completed in accordance with the latest guidelines. This ensures that you receive any due revenue created from your solar PV system, which has been passed back to the national grid for distribution.

What happens to the solar system during a power cut?

For safety reasons the system automatically closes down in the event of a power failure, and will reset itself and restart once the power is re-established.